Kate Moss to appear in Absolutely Fabulous movie

Rumours are circulating that Kate Moss is to appear in an Absolutely Fabulous movie. Moss is no stranger to the show. She worked on the Sports Relief 2012 sketch, where she appeared as herself in a sketch with fashion director boss Patsy, played by Joanna Lumley. Other celebrities to get in on the act included former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, and athlete Linford Christie. They shared a scene with PR boss Eddy, played by the show’s creator Jennifer Saunders.

Fans of the 90s hit comedy will be pleased to know that a movie version of the cult show is in the works, but what can they expect? As with the 1990’s hit show, the film will centre on Patsy and Eddie. Although Saunders is currently writing the script, details have emerged that the movie will take place on the French Riviera.

When questioned about the possibility of the supermodel appearing in the movie, Jennifer Saunders said, "Kate got on so well with the team, we'd love to work with her again."

Aside from this year’s Sports Relief sketch, Kate has worked with Saunders once before. She appeared as herself in an episode of French and Saunders in 1996.

"Kate's lovely," Saunders told Closer magazine. "She behaved so nicely and was such a sweet person. There was no nonsense. We've done stuff with Kate before and she's been wonderful, so it was great to work with her again. She is honestly probably the least precious person we've had on. I suppose it's because she doesn't have all those hang-ups about her looks like other people. She just threw herself into it and it was wonderful."

Hopefully the movie will be just as wonderful, or just as fabulous, as the iconic TV show on which it's based.

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