Kate Moss is 34 and the 34 hour party is still rocking

Another year older, another crazy party to celebrate the birth of our First Lady of Fashion. Kate Moss has already spent £37k (at the last count, and that was...ooooh, all of a few hours ago so the total will have rocketed by this morning) in a 34 hour marathon celebration.

She hired the top two floors of the Dorchester Hotel (£20k if you're interested) and also booked out Punk nightclub in Soho.

Kate and her pals (which include Jamie Hince, Kelly Osbourne, Davina Taylor and Meg Matthews, have been hopping between the hotel, the club, Kate's new apartment in St John's Wood and a friend's house in Notting Hill.

The fashion world is known for throwing some of the wildest parties (here are a few shots from last year's bash with Pete Doherty...) and Kate is certainly taking the bull by the horns. She should team up with Corey Delaney for her next bash.

(Image: Kate on her 33rd birthday)

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