Kate Middleton angers animal activists

Kate Middleton's not usually blasted in the press, keeping a relatively low profile and not doing anything untoward that would rile one's general public. But it appears this weekend, as the 25 year old buyer for fashion chain Jigsaw rekindles her romance with Prince William, she's straight in the firing line.

Ensconced at Balmoral in Scotland, she joined Wills and Prince Charles on one of their somewhat infamous stag hunts, fanning rumours of an imminent engagement as well as sparking controversy over a sport that many already revile.

Stag hunting has been a traditional pastime among the British aristocracy for centuries.  There are currently up to a million deer in the UK and the royals favour the sport as part of their downtime.

Mark Glover from the Humane Society International said: "It's disgusting that Kate is going along with this arcane and cruel form of entertainment." Apparently Kate's Jigsaw bosses aren't too impressed either.

We don't think our favourite burlesque beauty Dita von Teese would be too impressed. What do you think?

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