Kate employs 'personal shopper'

William and Kate garnered their first bits of negative publicity when it was revealed that the pair wanted to employ butlers, housekeepers and stylists. The Royal couple backtracked and claimed this wasn't the case at all; they were perfectly happy to knuckle down to a nice pile of ironing. However, this isn't quite the case. Grazia has revealed that Kate uses a personal shopper to offer fashion guidance.

Grazia explains, 'A personal shopper is a very different beast to a stylist - whereas a personal shopper will usually work for a specific store, with appointments open to any Tom, William or Harry, a stylist will usually remain independent with more of a say in which clients they will or won’t take on, and thus is more exclusive.'

They continue, 'Also, where a personal shopper will help you to pick out outfits under your direction, a stylist will be more creative and will direct your style (which is interesting in terms of Kate because it’s another mark of how confident she is in being able to style herself - confidence which is very well-founded, if her recent sartorial choices are anything to go by).'

Apparently the lucky personal shopper that Kate has picked is the very same expert who picks out Harry and Will's Christmas gifts. What a job...

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