Kanye cut it?

Rapper Kanye West has been enjoying the whirlwind of speculation surrounding his supposed move into fashion for some time now. With Paris Fashion Week just around the corner is the vocal pop star about to show the world a whole other side to his talents?

As ever with these sorts of stories, no one really knows, so let's do the sensible thing and assess the facts, then jump to conclusions:

1) Kanye has been spotted prowling around the front rows of fashion shows through London Fashion Week.

2) There were rumours-a-go-go last year when he was seen making trips to St Martins College of Art & Design. Some said he was enrolling on the fashion course, despite the college's claims to the contrary.

3) He's no stranger to a bit of snappy dressing.

And now the word on the street (well, The Guardian, so maybe not *that* street) is that Kanye has taken over the now defunct Turnmills club in East London and turned it into a Willy Wonka-esque fashion factory, recruiting a team of St Martin's graduates to work for him in total secrecy, very much like Wonka's Oompa Loompas (we imagine).

According to a source at Grazia, who in turn whispered into the ear of a journo at the Guardian, the collection will be 'extraordinarily expensive; some of it is virtually unproduceable.' The source (who seems so well informed we wonder if it's just Kanye himself, doing a bit of PR on the side) says that the atmosphere in the studio could be tense at times due to Mr West's perfectionist tendencies: 'Kanye was in fairly often; for all the fittings. [He] was very nice and polite and talked knowledgably about shape etc, but was prone to changing his mind a lot – in fact the whole process was slightly excruciating as there were SO many opinions that it took forever to get anything done.'

Conclusion: hold on to your hats, Paris, you’re in for some BLING.

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