Just the Manish for the job

When Paco Rabanne retired from the fashion industry in 2006, in order to pursue 'other creative endeavours', there was much speculation as to what the future of the label would be. Well, speculators, you can all just stop your guessing games, as to today Vogue reports that Manish Arora has been announced as the label's new creative director.

Rabanne and Arora share a similar penchant for experimentalism in fashion, so the appointment of Arora seems to make good sense. Today Rabanne issued a statement saying: 'In 1966, I started out with twelve experimental dresses in contemporary materials and more than 40 years later, the time has come for new experiences. The Paco Rabanne House must invent other things, touch different universes, have a different outlook and reach out to the public differently. From now on we must avoid the industrial dimension, but return to the craftsmanship aspect and produce small collections.'

The first collection from Arora will be presented in Paris in October this year.

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