J-Lo reveals all

It’s been a busy week in Casa Lopez. Today Vogue reports that J-Lo and her twins will be the new stars of Gucci’s childrenswear campaign. The family were photographed in Malibu by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for the ads.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that poor old Jennifer was snapped in a rather unflattering pose as she left the stage at a concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The 41 year-old singer has a figure most women would envy, but as she turned to walk off stage her very short dress rode up to reveal the back of her thighs with...you might want to be sitting down for this...dimples! Gasp! It seems that even a celebrity such as J-Lo can get cellulite, despite all those gym hours.

J-Lo's style woes do not stop there. Yesterday she suffered another wardrobe malfunction (again in a sequin-dress...sensing a theme?) when she revealed a little too much cleavage as she left her hotel. Jennifer was forced to cover up with her clutch bag until her limo turned up and whisked her away from gawping onlookers.

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