Introducing the iStubble

Want to maintain a laid back, sexy look without skimping on your grooming habits? The iStubble could be the perfect solution. BaByliss' innovative trimmer will automatically adjust its blade length allowing you to create and maintain a range of stubble lengths. When regular clippers just won't do, consider the iStubble.

So what's it all about?

Essentially, the iStubble is designed for men who prefer a slightly rugged look to a smooth, clean cut one. It allows you to choose a maintain a specific length of stubble day after day.

How to use the iStubble

To use the iStubble:

  1. Clean and dry your face and facial hair
  2. If you're unsure about the look you want to achieve, start with a longer setting and experiment with a closer cut if desired. Babyliss recommend 0.4mm to create a shadow, 1-2mm for medium shadow and 2mm+ for a longer, more rugged look
  3. Hold the iStubble against the hair with the teeth pointing outwards
  4. Slowly move the iStubble upwards against the direction of hair growth
  5. To neaten the edges, flip back and secure the top of the comb and turn the trimmer over to use the blade
  6. To maintain optimum performance, always clean the iStubble after use

Features of the iStubble

The iStubble features:

  • A floating contoured head
  • 0.4mm - 5mm blade settings
  • Electrochemically sharpened blades
  • 45 minute battery life from a 90 minute charge
  • 5 minute quick charge feature for a single stubble trim
  • LCD display screen
  • Advanced power performance
  • Three year guarantee

Is the iStubble any good?

In a nutshell, yes. This is a specialised trimmer that can deliver results that ordinary clippers just can't. It gives a good even trim, no matter what angle you tackle the hair. There's no tug or pull and the length settings really do work. Our one gripe is that the curved shape of the iStubble makes it a little difficult to reach the upper lip just under the nostrils.

All in all, it's a great buy for £59.99.

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