Is Mineral makeup a good choice for dry or mature skin?

There are a lot of things being said about mineral makeup and a lot of it is not completely true, so let’s address the problem that is being debated regarding the use of mineral powder by women who tend to have very dry skin or mature women who have tiny expression lines.

If we ask any makeup artist what do they think of powder makeup for women who have problematic skin they tell you to avoid it and chose liquid foundation products. Why? Because powder makeup tends to further dry out already moisture thirsty skin and in older women the use of powder foundations and highlighters, after a short while has the nasty habit of settling into fine lines and wrinkles, which further emphasizes age, while the attempt was to hide those wrinkles and pigmentation marks in the first place.

There are at least three different ways to apply mineral powder, two of which are well suited for younger women who have dry skin and depending on the degree of dryness, the first way is it can be applied wet, by first using a primer and then spritzing your kabuki brush with any type of water in order to apply the powder, and the second way can be by mixing it into your moisturizing cream.

For powder blushes and eye shadows, just turn them into a cream by adding facial cream or use Karite butter (shea butter) and mix the two products in the palm of your hand (the heat from your hand helps melt the butter and allows you to mix better), and if you want to camouflage those hateful crow’s feet, use a wrinkle filler primer after you’ve already moisturized so it plumps up the skin.

This way your makeup will last longer and the color won’t end up where it’s not supposed to and it’s essential to keep you skin well hydrated not only on outside, but also from the inside, by drinking plenty of water and that goes for women of all ages, and mature skin needs to be pampered even more, with specific anti-aging creams with sun filters, and night creams and serums that help stimulate cell renewal.

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