Introducing Mr and Mrs Liam Gallagher

So we know we reported odds on Prince William popping the question to Kate Middleton on Valentines Day. Well how off the mark was our money - we should have had a tenner on Nic and Liam! The Oasis frontman and ex All Saint have only gone and tied the knot. And on Valentines Day too. Soppy old devils.

So 8 years and one kid together later. Noone could call it shotgun. The ceremony was low key and romantic - without the world’s press barking hungrily at the door. So quiet in fact Noel couldn't even make it. Just a few guests (including Nic’s ever so slightly annoying sister Nat and Prodigy hubby Liam Hewlett), attended the ceremony at London’s Westminster Registry office. Then it was on to the nearby Landmark Hotel. No doubt for a civilised prawn cocktail and canape or two, before a cup of Ovaltine and lights out at 11.

By golly has Mz Appleton managed to reign in the ex Oasis hell raiser. Gone are the days of weekend long benders. Boozing and brawling at dawn? A distant memory. The modern Mr Liam Gallagher is as calm as a Hindu cow. Not to mention thoroughly devoted dad to three kids, Lennon, Gene and Molly.

....So if Liam's done it.... Spose we’d better think about hanging up the party spurs too...

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