Intimate hygiene: how to choose the right product

Intimate hygiene: how to choose the right product is of paramount importance because the private part of the woman's body is a sensitive area where no chemicals or irritants should be. If this is not respected, inflammation and irritation could result leading to other medical problems.

Intimate washes

The acidity in the vagina helps protect us from getting infections. Therefore, it is important to maintain the acidity or the PH in the vagina. A lower acidity means that the chances of infection are likely to occur. Maintaining the PH and keeping the area clean and dry are absolutely necessary.

Choose feminine wash products and soaps that are gentle. Glycerine soap can is an example of a gentle cleansing product. If possible, buy hypo-allergenic washes because they are made for the most sensitive of skins. These products will cleanse and keep your intimate area fresh and clean without destroying the pH level necessary to keep those irritations and infections out. Note that excessive use of douches can contribute to vaginal itching and irritation so it’s best to limit use of these preparations.

Absorbent products

Work out the level of protection you need. Are you the type who experience heavy days or the occasional urine leaks? Are you physically active, running or jogging or even have to do a lot of travelling? Based on these needs, choose your absorbent products.

There are special products that are highly absorbent to protect from heavy menstrual periods. For light flows, go for thinner pads and liners. The active woman might also want to choose tampons for unrestricted movement.

Urine and even bowel leakage are problems for some women, especially those who have lost bladder control as a result of giving birth, surgery, and other medical issues. Remember that feminine absorbent products are not meant to keep urine in or prevent leakage. There are special products for these needs, so you might want to consider exploring the range of offerings for this issue. You can choose from different styles such as those worn as undies or with side tapes to take care of accidents. Check if there are indicators signalling when it's time to change to maintain good hygiene and sanitation.

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