Make yourself gorgeous with Indian natural beauty tips

Women the world over, who love natural products, use Indian natural beauty tips to cleanse, protect and beautify their skin, hair and nails. Many of the things women in India use to make themselves beautiful are herbal or fruit based. That means they're gentle on your skin and not harmful to the environment.

Papaya as a Facial Scrub - One of the most popular Indian natural beauty tips is to use papaya as a facial scrub. Simply mash half a papaya in a bowl, mix with some rice powder, which you can buy at any Asian food store, and use once a week to cleanse your face and give it a healthy glow.

Cold Tea as a Skin Toner - Indian women use cold tea as a skin toner. Make a cup of tea and put it in the fridge to cool (don't add milk, of course). Dip cotton wool balls in the tea and pat it all over your face. Leave to dry. Put on make-up as normal.

Milk as a Cleanser - Mix milk with a 1/4 teaspoon of salt and some lime juice. Dip cotton wool balls in the mixture and use as a cleanser on your face before you go to bed. You can use pasteurized milk but unpasteurized is better.

Yoghurt as a Sunburn Remedy - Indian women know a lot about getting sunburn, so the use of yoghurt as a sunburn remedy is widespread all over India. Rub plain yoghurt on a sunburn and let it dry. Pat off with a damp cloth, and reapply until your skin stops stinging.

Coconut Milk to Straighten Hair - If you hate your wavy or curly hair but don't want to use damaging chemicals to straighten it, coconut milk works like a charm. Pour coconut milk in a bowl and allow to sit until cream rises to the top. Scoop off the cream and put into a bowl with the juice of two limes. Add a few drops of lavender oil, mix, and comb through your hair. Wrap your head in a towel and leave the mixture to soak in for an hour. Use once a week for straight and beautifully conditioned hair.

Lemon for Nails - If you want to add sheen to your nails, so you don't have to wear nail polish, rub a slice of lemon on your nails every night then rinse with warm water.

There are hundreds of thousands of Indian natural beauty tips, most of which work just as well as expensive beauty products. The next time you're tempted to spend a fortune on a beauty product you can't really afford, try one of these smashing tips instead.

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