Want gorgeous hair? Increase its shine today!

Are you lusting after shiny, healthy looking hair? There are lots of ways to increase its shine! From caring for your hair in the right way to home made shine tonics, it's easy to get a gorgeous glossy mane cheaply and with minimal fuss. Here are some top tips for shiny hair...

How to increase the shine of your hair

Here are some of our favourite quick and easy methods to increase the shine of your hair...

Rinse, rinse, rinse: One of the major causes of dull, lifeless hair is product build up. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly every time you cleanse and condition so that all product is rinsed away. Experts say that you need to rinse for five minutes to clear a golf ball sized amount of product. For an extra shine, turn the shower down to cold and give your hair an icy blast to close the cuticles and leave it shining.

Perfect your blowdry technique: When you come out of a salon, your hair tends to look its best. That may have something to do with the expensive hair products they use, but it also has a lot to do with their blowdrying technique. Blast air in one direction, down the shaft, to keep the cuticles smooth. And use the cool setting on your hairdryer to finish.

Ease up on the products: To let your hair's natural shine come through, try to limit the number of styling products you use on your hair. If possible, limit yourself to one good quality product.

Healthy lifestyle, healthy hair: A healthy diet can quickly increase the shine of your hair. Eat five pieces of fruit and veg a day to increase your vitamin intake - it will show in your hair. Supplements are also worth considering if you want to boost the shine and overall health of your hair.

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