Human hair extension - you can fake it!

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Human hair extension is the more popular type of hair extensions. The reasons for this are that you can treat it exactly the same as your hair by straightening, curling or even dying it. This means that you're sure to get the exact match to your own colour and therefore avoid the two tone look that can be a giveaway that the glorious mane you're sporting may not be truly yours!

Clip in hair extensions are a great way to add length and thickness to your hair without either spending a fortune or committing yourself to the three month salon extension process. Many high street retail chains, even including Primark, now stock their own ranges of hair extensions but if you're definitely looking for human hair then online shopping may prove to be the better option financially.

eBay has a vast amount of online stores that specialise in hair extensions. Not only can you buy the clip ins but you can also buy pre bonded, (those with the glue tipped ends) and the ever popular micro ring extensions. The micro ring extensions attatch section by section to your own hair and, once they're put in by a stylist, won't do any damage to your own hair but they will need to be tightened every few weeks.

The price you can expect to pay will depend on the quality of the hair. If its premium grade human hair, such as Remy, you can expect to pay anything from £65 right up to £125 but there are less well known brands online also and their prices are more budget friendly depending on the thickness of the wefts and the weight of the hair.

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