How to use mineral make-up

The main benefit of mineral make-up is that it contains no fat, so it does not “run” from one’s skin. In addition, it contains no preservatives and it gives a natural and radiant finish. Unlike some classic foundations for example, you will experience no mask effect.

Are there any contraindications?

There are no downsides of using mineral make-up because the products are made from 100% minerals. There is no risk of allergy. In the case of lipsticks, mascaras and eye shadows that they are infused with minerals, the risk of allergies is also zero because all their other ingredients (rice, sesame, coconut and others) are 100% natural.

How to use mineral make-up?

The skin needs to be carefully moisturised before applying mineral make up in order to avoid it looking like a powder on your face. Avoid moisturisers that may clog your pores, as the mineral make-up will not be properly absorbed into your skin. Mineral make-up should be applied with special brushes that were not used with regular products. These brushes should be dense, but with soft bristles to crush the micronised minerals.

Take a small amount of mineral make-up with a brush from the lid of the jar, tap off the excess product and apply powder with circular motions from the outside to the inside of the face. This gesture can heat the minerals that will thus blend with the skin. You may apply a setting powder to make the mineral foundation last for a longer period of time.

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