How to use lemon on your face and skin

You probably already know that lemon is one of the healthiest things you could ever add to your diet, but did you know it is also great for the health and beauty of your skin? Packed as it is with rich vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C and calcium, magnesium and potassium, the juice of this humble fruit can help improving the appearance and condition of all skin types, not to mention its antiage and healing properties.


Before you go ahead and try these simple homemade skin elixirs, please keep in mind that you should not expose yourself to the sun while you have lemon juice on your skin and don't leave it on for too long, unless is mixed with water or other milder substances.


Make your own gentle, inexpensive and all natural exfoliator simply mixing lemon juice with unrefined sugar (it's richer in minerals) and water into a soft paste. Wash your face with warm water then apply the paste massaging gently. Rinse with cool water.

Even your skin tone

Thanks to its high content in citric acid, lemon juice can gradually fade away any blemish and imperfection from acne scars and age spots, thus helping you achieving a more even skin tone. You can dilute the juice in a little water and either apply topically or all over using a q-tip or cotton wool. Do this before going to bed, leave it on over night then wash it off in the morning. The same treatment also helps in case of oily skin by removing excessive oil and bringing down the shine effect.

Against spots and blackheads

Lemons have powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties so they are a great natural treatment for acne and spots. Slice open a lemon, apply few drops of honey on the slice then rub it gently across your face or only in the areas affected by acne and black heads.

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