How to throw a party, teen style

It's the nightmare any parent dreads. Coming home to find drunken teenagers have smashed up your house.

But for the parents of 16 year old Corey Delaney from Melbourne, it was an altogether more costly affair.

If you're wondering just how bad things could get, try putting 500 underage drinkers in a house. Add more than a dash of alcohol, 30 police officers, a helicopter, an entire police dog squad and £10,000 worth of damage. Then you may have some idea how Mr and Mrs Delaney felt when their son boldly proclaimed that it was "the best party ever".

We're thinking this young man has a future in party planning. Imagine teaming him up with the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Britney et al. Bored with all the minor arrests and driving misdemeanours, these A listers could really start upping their bad appeal with a few parties like this! Have a sneak look inside Ralph Lauren's recent £10m bash here.

(Image: moviemuff's Flickr stream)

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