how to protect your hair from heatdamage

Women always want to look beautiful and that includes having great looking hair. We buy creme rinses, lotions, conditioners and just about anything that will give us beautiful looking hair. But, what happens when your hair becomes heat damaged? You may recognize the problem of dry hair, flat looking hair and split ends. Learn how to protect your hair from heatdamage with some of the simplest tips.

There is no doubt about it, hair requires care to look great and the many hair styles that are popular today have encouraged many of us to use styling equipment. We usually get great results and really like the look, but what is it doing to our hair? The truth is hot rollers, curling tongs, and hair dryers cause heatdamage.With busy and hectic lifestyles, many of us rely on blow dryers and hair dryers. Over and over again we wash our hair and blow it dry right before running out the door. These appliances are highly convenient, but they eventually take their toll on our hair.

To prevent heatdamage either stop using a blow dryer or cut down the number of days you use it. Even if you just let is dry naturally a couple of days a week, it will help to improve the life of your hair. Look for good styling tools that offer a bit of heat protection and do not cause as much damage. Ionic hair dryers are specially made for sealing in moisture by releasing a negative charge. Straighteners and several other styling products designed with Teflon help to reduce heatdamage.

Use a good quality shampoo, which is designed for hair styling equipment that works with heat. These products contain ingredients that react when heat activated and protect your hair when using hair styling equipment. It is recommended to use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep hair in good condition and hot oil treatments help to strengthen hair while sealing hair follicles.

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