How to make up on and get more likes on Facebook

Without doubt, Facebook is the largest and most successful social media network. The success of your FB page is measured by the number of likes you have. Hence, whether you are improving the visibility of your page for personal or business reasons, here are tips how to put on that makeup so you can increase web traffic.

Increasing the number of likes

Putting on makeup can improve your looks, hide flaws and overall, give a nice impression. With the right makeup, posting a stunning picture on Facebook can boost traffic to your page. The idea is to get an attractive photo that visitors and trawlers will notice increasing the number of likes. Here is how:

  • Prep your face
  • As is standard before slathering cosmetics on your face, it is important that it is squeaky clean. It has been said often enough, get rid of makeup before going to bed. If you do this regularly, your skin is ready to be made the next day without going through cleansing and exfoliating before putting on makeup. Apply moisturiser on your face. Use one with an SPF of at least 15 to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.

  • Hide flaws
  • Use a concealer to hide those flaws such as dark circles under your eyes or annoying zits. Try a creamy formula and make sure that you use a shade lighter than your skin tone to hide your imperfections better. You can also use a foundation stick to hide all those defects so you can blend the liquid or cream on your face.

  • Apply a blush
  • Smile so that you find the apple of your cheeks fast. Dab a hint of blush by using a brush or your fingers for an even texture.

  • Focus on the eyes
  • Now that you have taken care of your skin, it is time to concentrate on your eyes. Apply a shimmery base on the lids. Use colours that will complement your skin tone. For example, fair skin can opt for silvery tones whilst medium to dark skin, golden or champagne colours. Bronze and golden shades will also give eyes depth.

    The lips and eyelashes are important

    Work on your eyebrows by filling gaps with a pencil. Apply mascara and use an eyelash curler to make those beautiful eyes really pop. Finally, do your lips and put on lipstick that looks great on you. When you're done, you are ready to post your selfie and update you Facebook page with a stunning picture that will draw lots of likes.

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