How to maintain your summer tan

While summer is yet to be over, your fantastic vacation and accompanying glowing and beautiful tan may soon start to fade, and soon be just a memory.

Your tan will only last between six to ten days once you return to your normal routine, and can’t get out in the sun as much before, so here are a few useful tips and tricks to keep your tan a little longer.

To maintain and extend your summer tan, the key word is moisturizing.

Applying a moisturizer twice a daywill keep your skin hydrated and your tan will last a little longer and won’t get that patchy look. Try cocoa butter or olive oil, that adds some extra nourishment.

Avoid exfoliating.

Exfoliating sloughs away dead skin cells, but it also takes away your tan, and it really shouldn’t be necessary if you’ve been constantly moisturizing and have exfoliated before getting your summer glow.

The same principal applies for waxing. Waxing also removes your tanned skin, but if it is absolutely necessary, try an electric razor for a touch up.

Avoid baths that dries out your skin and stick to short showers, with shower gels or oils and forget about loofahs and sponges for a while, use a gentle wash cloth.

If you really to take a relaxing bath, try adding some black tea to the water, this can help your skin stay a little more colored.

Remember to drink plenty of water to keep you skin hydrated from the inside, and continue eating fruits and vegetables rich in beta carotenes and vitamins D and E. They are antioxidants, and help protect the skin from aging.

As your tan starts to fade, you can use self tanning creams to keep some of your color and they willalso keep your skin moisturized, but settle for lighter colored hues, instead of dark and bronzy colors.

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