How to know if an anti age cream is working?

Many beauty creams in the market claim to do so much for your skin whether it is to get rid of those fine lines or revive sagging skin. But, do they actually work and how are they going to change the way your skin looks?

What's in a jar of beauty cream?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the effects of anti-age creams on the skin. Their effects have been compared to having expensive surgery, injections and even Botox. But do these creams actually do something for you?

Much of the discussion focussed on what is actually inside those jars of cream. Here are clues that tell you what to look for the next time you are shopping for anti-ageing cream. These are also the explanations why those beauty or anti-ageing creams can actually produce the results you have been expecting.

  • Look for collagen
  • Collagen is a key ingredient that will improve the elasticity of your skin. Its use extends beyond repairing damage skin like when you hurt yourself or have a wound. Collagen restores the supple feel of your epidermis, fills the gaps that make your skin sag. In effect, it restores the youthful appearance without going under the knife.

  • Check for pentapeptides
  • Pentapeptides are amino acids that work by sending messages to the entire body. They are responsible for the production of more collagen in the body.

    The combination of two ingredients, namely palmitoyl pentapeptide and acetyl hexapeptide that can serve to fill out wrinkles and stand in as Botox injection without actually going through medical procedures.

    Products can also contain either one of the above ingredients that can halt the effects of ageing.

    What to buy

    Sure, there is no guarantee that the expensive cream you are eyeing will actually help you make look younger. However, the science behind the skin technology can actually help in restoring skin suppleness. Regenerist (Olay), Strivectin-SD (Klein Becker) and Anew Clinical Line and Wrinkle Corrector (Avon) are some brands of beauty creams that contain the above-mentioned ingredients.

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