How to home-dye your hair safely

Dying the hair at home has become an increasingly popular option among women of all ages especially because it is much cheaper than going to the hairdresser’s. While the procedure should not cause many problems, you may wonder how to home-dye your hair at home safely and efficiently. Following the steps below will guide you through the process.

Choose the right product

If you have more than 50% grey hair, you should forget about semi-permanent colourants without ammonia and opt for permanent colours, as only the latter are able to immaculately cover all white hair. Opting for a colour that is similar to your natural one is a good idea if you do not want a radical change. Remember that it is not possible to go from a dark colour to a much lighter one without pre-lightening or bleaching. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure you do not go more than one tone of your natural colour.

Follow the instructions to the letter

The great secret of dying your hair at home is to accurately read the instructions provided in the package. Most producers advise to make an allergy test with 24 hours in advance, by applying a little amount of dye on a small patch of your skin. You should do this even if you have used the product before.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is the application time, as the colour may be too dark when left too long on your hair. Oxidisers and ammonia can permanently alter the hairs natural pigment, so think twice before making a dramatic change.

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