How to hide a hickey

A hickey occurs when someone bites or sucks the skin. The result is a red blemish on the skin. Unfortunately, it is an unsightly appearance and you would not want to be caught with it screaming to everyone that you had a great time. Here are several ways how to hide a hickey.

Easy fixes to hide a hickey

There are many ways you can make that hickey disappear temporarily. We show you how to hide a hickey and avoid embarrassing situations.

  • Wear a scarf
  • Grab any scarf and wrap it around your neck if the hickey is in this area.

  • Don on long sleeve clothes
  • If your hickey is on your arm, wear long sleeve shirts. You can also put on a turtle neck if the affected area is the neck. This will only work though if it is cold or winter as you cannot wear this type of clothing during summer when it is warm.

  • Apply ice
  • Take an ice pack and put it on the affected area.

  • Use a frozen spoon
  • If you dont have an ice pack ready, use a frozen spoon. The object is to relieve pressure on your hickey by constricting broken blood capillaries.

  • Massage the hickey
  • You can also use a toothbrush to massage your hickey. Use a warm teabag or apply heat on your hickey. The purpose is to improve blood circulation making the colour of your hickey less red.

  • Put on makeup
  • Makeup is a good way to hide a hide a hickey. Remember that the colour of a hickey is red so you will want to get green makeup that will diminish the redness of the affected area.

    Once this is done, get a concealer that is closest to your skin tone. This will ensure that you have a good coverage and will prevent your blemish from appearing.

    Get creative

    It is pretty important to know how to hide a hickey so that you can be ready anytime to appear in public or show up for work without feeling embarrassed about your skin. The key, after all, is to be creative and inventive when you have a hickey that you must hide quickly.

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