How to get the face of a male model

If you are after the chiselled look of the male models in the fashion magazines, this post has all you need to know about the only workout they don't teach in the gym: practice these simple exercises daily in the privacy of your own home (because they literally consist in... pulling faces!) and you will soon acquire much more defined facial features, not too mention their anti aging effect.

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First of all, warm up. Pucker your lips together in a tight 'o'. Close your eyes and push your lips forward, as if you were about to whistle. Hold for 20 seconds, then open your eyes wide and raise the eybrows, while stretching your mouth open. Hold for 20 seconds, then repeat both exercises. Lastly, seal your lips together and blow up your cheeks, as if filling it completely with air, then squeeze your lips tighter, making your mouth as small as possible: while holding this pose, gently slap your face with both hands for 30 seconds.

Against the double chin, lace your fingers together leaving your thumbs out. Place the thumbs under the chin and push up. At the same time push your tongue against the roof of the mouth. Feel the chin muscle pressing against the thumbs? Good. Now repeat 10 times.

For the jaw line, close your mouth and clench your teeth then push down the corners of your mouth towards your chin. Try keeping the upper part of the face relaxed, while bringing the upwards and hold. Repeat 5 times slowly, then faster 10 times


To lift the cheeks, place three fingers on the top of each cheek and try pushing them down, while the muscles of the cheeks push up as if smiling, then release. Repeat 10 times. Remove your fingers and raise the cheeks, push out the lips in a round shape, stretch the neck forward and smile as wide as you can. Hold briefly then return your mouth in the round shape. Repeat 10 times.

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