How to get the androgynous look

Androgynes are defined as individuals who combine both their feminine and masculine attributes in fashion styles, identity, and beliefs. Knowing how to get the androgynous look is easy following these tips.


Getting unisex clothes is a must. Those with boyish figures should have no problem creating the androgynous look with straight trousers and loose shirts.

Curves everywhere? Hide them in baggy clothes. Choose a white or a black button down shirt and a pair of straight trousers. A pin stripe blazer or an oversized leather jacket can make an eye-catching appearance. For better effect, don sports underwear or compression vests to hide a bosomy top while curves can be hidden with loose clothes and belt.

Office wear does not need to be compromised. Slick men’s suits for girls will do the trick and definitely look hot. For men, not everyone can get away with the skinny jeans like Leonardo di Caprio. However, fret not as it is possible to get the right look by wearing straight-cut or baggy bottoms.


Don’t confuse Gothic appearance with looking like an androgyne. Although there are similarities in using blacks, blues, greys, and dark hues, the only thing to remember is that pastel colours are not in. Don’t overdo it though as you might end up looking like Batman and Robin with their masks on. In addition, shape eyebrows to appear more feminine or leave them to grow for a masculine feel.

Hair styles

Pixie cuts are in for that boyish look. However, if you can’t part with your locks and flowing tresses, hide them under a black and white fedora hat or even a Stetson. Part your hair sideways and slick it back cleanly. Think Gucci models with long hair neatly drawn away from the face or tied in buns.

Gentlemen, sport a long hair to get a feminine look. Now is a good time as any to avoid frequent trips to the barber to snip long hair. However, hair should be neatly trimmed by a hairdresser to avoid an unkempt look.


Flats, trainers, and mid-calf boots are great for an informal or casual style while formal occasions call for oxfords and slinky heels. Men can wear high heel boots and even stilettos like Prince did.


All depends of course, whether you are reaching out to your feminine or masculine side. But, as with everything else, good grooming is part of looking neat so don’t throw those razors away and keep vegetation on your face, legs, and arms under control.

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