How to get stronger and healthier nails

When your manicure doesn't last more than few days, and your nails generally look poor and break or split easily, it means they're not in their best possible shape.



Generally, poor health and an unbalance diet reflect easily in the health and strength of our nails, as much as or hair, skin and teeth. So first thing to do, really, is to take care of ourselves as whole, cultivating our well being through a balanced diet, exercise and plenty of fresh air and sun. Eat an healthy, varied diet and supplement it with vitamins and minerals.

Stop biting, picking an rubbing your nails now! It's a stress factor, but try to control yourself, and maybe do some yoga! Biting nails, rubbing on top of them, even cleaning under them with too much vehemence can create small, stress fractures or even severe ridges on the nail plate.

Always wear rubber gloves when washing up and cleaning. Yes, it may seem a time consuming task and a bit of a pain, but it is definitely worth making it a habit. Your nails, as well as your skin, will thank you for avoiding them being dipped in water for too long, which weaken them. Above all, you will avoid them harmful, direct contact with chemicals. By the way, it's time to switch to less harsh, ecofriendly products!

Moisturise hands daily, paying particular attention to nails and cuticles. Once or twice a week, apply a mask of natural oil of choice (olive or almond will work just great), before you go to sleep – simply wear a pair of white cotton gloves and when you'll take them out in the morning you will see the difference straight away! Skin soft and glowing and healthier, shinier nails.

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Don't overdo with manicures, nail art, fake nails: only use the most professional, cleanest saloons and nail bars and give your nails a healthy break between a treatment and the next.

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