How to get rid of lice

Head lice are in essence critters that feed on the human head. They do not do any harm except that they are gross and don't look clean. In addition, the feeling of embarrassment and shame at having them on your head and scalp or on your kids' is more damaging than what the lice can actually do. We show you several way to get rid of lice.

Treatment methods

The first thing to do when getting rid of lice is to identify or confirm if there are, indeed, critters on the head.

  • Use a wide toothed comb>

    Get one at the chemist's and use the comb on the hair to remove lice and nits that attach themselves on the scalp. Take the hair in sections and run the comb through them to trap any lice and nits that are living in the hair. It is very important that the nits are also destroyed as these are eggs that will form into adult lice.

  • Apply pyrethrum-based product
  • Pyrethrum is the natural insecticides that can be found in chrysanthemums. Products that contain this ingredient work to remove and kill head lice. It does not always work though as some head lice are resistant to toxins. After applying the product, make sure to comb for nits.

  • Olive oil
  • In addition to the beauty benefits of olive oil on the hair, it is also excellent at smothering lice and eventually killing them. Combing afterwards for nits is still key at the effective extermination of head lice.

  • Permethrin lotion
  • Products that use pemethrin as its main active ingredient are effective at removing lice. Combing is essential as well as a follow-up treatment.

    Other tips

    There are also other methods that can kill head lice such as hair dunking, use of hot air from the blow dryer or using gel. Dishwashing liquid and vinegar are thought to be effective in getting rid of these parasites. Another method of getting rid of lice is to use a LouseBuster available from certified and licensed operators. It vacuums all the lice and nits from the head/scalp. It is also important to clean linen, sheets and other stuff that an infected person has used to avoid contamination.

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