How to get rid of cellulite naturally

Just the name makes all women cringe, we all know it and we all want to stay as far away as possible from it. No I'm not talking about a love-rat, I'm talking about cellulite! Almost 90% of the female population is affected by it and unfortunately is very difficult to get rid of. But what is cellulite? It is basically fat trapped inside connective tissue under the skin, which manifests as dimples and it is best known-as orange-peel effect. It tends to appear on hips, bottom and thighs.

The causes of cellulite can be blamed on different factors: a sedentary lifestyle, a poor diet, metabolism- the transport of substances into and between different cells, physiology – sex, race, biotype, hormonal imbalance – oestrogen, thyroid hormones, insulin, and genetics – if our mum has it we're more likely to get it! But don't worry, just 30% of cellulite is caused by genetic factors, the rest is up to us and can be corrected, we just need to work hard and to the core. To make things easier here is a list of “To do and Not to do” to help you win your battle with cellulite.

To Do

Walk as much as possible and make it a regular habit: it can burn off 300 calories an hour. Walk to work, and if it's too far, just get off a couple of stops before your destination. Walk the dog, go shopping without the car or simply enjoy a brisk stroll in the park. Walking increases the blood flow, which improves circulation and helps eliminating toxins to smoother the tissues.

Work Out: you can do it everywhere, you don't need an expensive gym membership. Just watch a fitness DVD and start your own routine, or have fun at a Zumba class with your friends or just take the kids to the park and play football for half an hour, you will soon see the results.

Eat the right food: Omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish and flax seeds help to lower bad cholesterol and reduce fat in the blood, which can than move easily around, improving circulation. The same can be said for garlic, ginger and cayenne pepper, green vegetables, nuts, oatmeal, lean meat, such as poultry, olive oil. Always eat your meals at regular times, sitting down and enjoying every mouthful.

Drink plenty of water: it helps you to stay hydrated, to feel fuller and to eliminate toxins from the body quicker. Because toxins accumulation is one key factor for cellulite formation, drinking water help dissolving them. Drinking water also helps circulation and fluids retention.

Massaging: scrubbing, brushing or rubbing the skin help drawing blood to the surface, which increases blood flow. It can be done before or during the shower with a special brush for 10-15 minutes, or manually. It's possible to apply a treatment to maximise the effect of massaging and to leave the skin looking smoother.

Not To Do

Smoking: it clogs blood vessels and decrease oxygen level and consequently favour poor circulation and toxin accumulation. Drinking alcohol: again causes poor circulation, toxin accumulation and fluids retention. Fatty foods, and foods high in sugar: increase the amount of fat in the cells, which worsen the look of cellulite. Sedentary lifestyle: lack of movement causes an increase in the level of fat and dangerous chemicals in the body that have been associated with cellulite.

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