How to get rid of a hickey

Make that annoying hickey fade away before the endless vicious circle of more or less innocent questions and ensuing embarrassment begins. Take a look at our short guide on how to get rid of a hickey.

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First of all, identify the damage: is it a bruise or definitely a hickey? Hickeys appear in reddish tones, like dark purple, red, and pink, unlike bruises that tend toward cold and blue tones. Now, like all other form of skin damage, one must give it the time to heal, and the complete disappearance of a hickey could take 2-3 weeks. There are few things we can do to speed up the fading process, aiding the healing of the hickey on one hand, while concealing and covering up on the other.

To aid skin healing: use an ice pack (or frozen peas, or an ice cold spoon) to soothe the hickey and reduce blood flow to the area. Applied for the first 12 hours, ice will promote the repair of the damaged blood vessels causing the very visible purple sign on your neck.

After the first 12 hour you can help healing on the damaged tissue by applying a very, very gentle massage, possibly with few drops of peppermint essential oil mixed with a base oil. In fact, because peppermint and mint based lotions in general can help reduce redness, you may as well ransack your beauty cabinets and use whatever you find that belongs to this category. A massage with peppermint and mint base oils and lotions will also not only reduce redness but also give that distinctive soothing, refreshing feeling.

Drink plenty of water because a healing body needs loads of it. You may also want to drink few more coffees or take an aspirin: both drugs cat dilating blood vessels, and n the case of hickeys this process may promote self-healing. Regardless all the looking after, it may take a while for the hickey to fade completely. In the meantime, use some makeupconcealer and foundation would be best- making sure you blend in well around the area. For a drastic cover up you can always wear neckerchiefs or turtlenecks.

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