How to get perfect skin

We've heard of celebs feasting on all manner of freaky fodder in a bid to look beautiful - but scoffing pigs trotters could take the biscuit. Or should we say, cartilage.

Munching on the veiny offal is the latest beauty craze to sweep Japan and Nu Yowk. Women are flocking to 'pig trotter' restaurants to crunch their way through the sick inducing snack - before washing it down with a nice gulp of freshly squeezed turtles blood. All in the name of flawless skin of course. Because both 'delicacies' are naturally high in collagen.

Collagen rich foods are known for their skin plumping, wrinkle smoothing. all round anti-aging effects. Which in the world of feckless beauty treatments is about as valuable as spurting oil.

A Japanese 'pig trotter' restaurant has already opened in New York, serving up delicacies like "healthy collagen salad and dumplings garnished with pigs' nails" (Reuters)

Yum yum. If that doesn't get you salivating, we don't know what will. Wonder how long it'll be till Madonna converts - she won't want to turn 50 without a nice turtle and pig trotter stew on the buffet menu.

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