How to get free beauty samples

Sampling a product is probably the best way to know if you would like it and if it is something that is actually useful. Cosmetics, for example, are products most would prefer to try before buying to see whether they suit the skin or the look they are meant to achieve. We show you how to get free beauty samples so you can test cosmetics and decide if you would like to buy them.

Where to get free samples

Everyone loves a freebie if only for the sake of telling yourself you got something without paying money in return. Above all, getting free samples is a fantastic way to test a particular product for its utility and efficacy. For companies, it is a marketing strategy to get consumers to buy their products. We tell you how to get free beauty samples:

  • Avail of free samples from cosmetic websites

Cosmetic manufacturers give out free beauty samples on their websites especially when a new product is launched. Sign up to receive yours in the mail. Another way is to take advantage of samples which are handed out. For example, Clarins (clarins.co.uk) allows you to select up to 3 samples with every order. If you are going to buy something anyway, then you might as well take the freebies.

  • Check out freebie sites

There are several sites online that list stores and places where you can get freebies. Sample buddy (samplebuddy.com) is one. It is a site that scours the web for free offers from cosmetic companies.

  • Visit beauty counters

Often, beauty counters at a department store or a cosmetics shop hand out free samples. Although most require a purchase, some give out samples without buying anything. You can even do a makeover when there is a promotion going on.

  • Sign up on survey sites

Yes, survey sites also give free beauty samples. When a new product requires consumer testing, you might qualify to receive cosmetics in the mail. In exchange, you have to give your feedback through an online questionnaire. Examples of such sites are Try Perfumes, Global Test Market, Pinecone and Toluna.

Protect your privacy and save money

Bear in mind though that when you sign up to receive free beauty samples, you are making your identity known. You might consider using an alias or have your samples sent to a different address such as a postal box. But, knowing how to get free beauty samples does have its advantages. It will save you the trouble of buying cosmetics that you will throw away because you don't like the way it smells or looks on you. You also save money because you are not going to buy useless cosmetics that will just gather cobwebs in your drawer.

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