How to fake fuller lips

We all want Angie's lips, but some of us are just not that genetically lucky. So why not fake it? Here's how.

If you're not into the tingle of a lip plumper, faking a plush pout is all about optical illusions. Your easiest cheat? Simply switch that dark, dramatic lippie for a lighter, glassy gloss — as it bounces light away from your lips, they will instantly look bigger.

But our killer trick is to first highlight the 'V' of your cupid's bow with a spot of illuminiser (a subtly shimmering gold or flesh pink eye shadow works in emergencies) and lowlight the middle of your bottom lip with a liner that's just a smidge darker than your natural colour. The big, cushiony idea: while the illuminiser draws the eye up, the liner pulls focus down, making it look like we're packing extra plushness in between.

Hot Product tip: Benefit's Cupid's Bow Lip Shaping Kit has a pearly pink and mocha shade to make it easy.

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