How to eliminate acne forever

How to eliminate acne forever

Firstly, it is important to realize that there is not just one type of acne. Acne is in fact, a group of disorders, each of which requires its own treatment. Acne occurs when tiny holes in your skin, called pores become blocked. An group of bacteria gather in the affected area, causing irritation and inflammation of the area. The unfortunate result of this is of course acne.

Each one of these pores opens to a follicle. A follicle contains a hair and a gland, which secretes oil. The purpose of this oil is to remove old skin cells and keep the skin smooth. When the glands produce to much oil the pore can become blocked forming a plug called a comedone. If the top of this plug is white a whitehead forms. If the plug is black a blackhead results. Acne that forms deep under the skin can cause hard, painful cysts.

Acne is most common in adolescents but can occur to anyone at any age. Acne is quite common in newborns also. This form of acne appears as small whitehead like lumps on the skin. It is not harmful and will usually ease of its own accord and does not require medical treatment.

Acne tends to run in families. It may be triggered by a number of factors: At puberty the body experiences a number of changes including hormonal changes, the beginning of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and many more. This changes within the body can result in the onset of acne. Acne can also be caused by the application of greasy or oily cosmetic products. Certain drugs have been known to cause acne, such as testosterone, oestrogen and phenytoin. Acne can also be caused by high levels of humidity or persistent sweating. It is a common misconception that acne is caused by food or diet. Chocolate will not cause acne!

While acne is not a life threatening illness it should be treated as soon as possible. See your physician or dermatologists as soon as possible, to avoid scarring and permanent damage to the skin in the affected area.

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