How to dye your hair with henna

Henna is the most natural and safest way to dye your hair that will give you shiny, soft and very healthy-looking results.

Lawsonia Inermis is the official name ofhenna and before using this age-old plant to change your hair color, you’ll need a few simple tips in order to avoid problems or end up being unsatisfied with the final results.

First off, if you’ve been using commercial hair dyes, you’ll want to lay off using henna for a while in order to avoid odd chemical or adverse reactions, because some brands of compound henna may contain metal salts that could react to the ammonia that is contained in synthetic dyes.

You’ll want to do a strand test it before trying it on already dyed hair, and the procedure is simple and straightforward.

Dilute a teaspoon of henna with some lemon or lime juice in a plastic bowl or glass and use a wooden or plastic spoon to mix (never use anything metal). Let it stand for a night and then add a few strands of your hair taken from your brush.

After a couple of hours rinse off the hair strands to see the results, but it will be two or three days before you can actually see what the real color will be, as henna actually needs two to three days to oxidize.

The important thing is to buy body art quality henna powder and you'll need between 100-500 grams, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

Besides the henna powder, you’ll need lemon or lime juice, a plastic container with a lid, disposable plastic gloves and a shower cap, plastic bag or saran wrap and we recommend using dark towels.

Place the henna powder in the bowl and add the lemon or lime juice until you get a thick paste, about the consistency of yogurt. Cover the bowl and let stand overnight, and before applying you may need to add just a little more lemon juice to rehydrate the mixture a little.

Henna must be applied to clean hair for the best results. It doesn't matter whether your hair is wet or dry, just as long as it is clean.

Apply the paste like you would regular dye, either with a hair dye brush or a plastic squeeze container and divide your hair in sections, so it will cover every strand and until your head is entirely covered.

When you’ve completed the procedure wrap your headwith the shower cap or plastic bag, and remember to wipe off any henna that may have accidently dripped or fallen onto your skin, because it can stain.

Keep the mixture on your hair for at least two full hours, but more would be better.

Remove the plastic wrap and rinse very thoroughly. You can shampoo your hair to remove the last traces.

If you have any henna powder left over, seal it tightly an protect it from light, air, and moisture in the freezer.

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