Tips on how to cover the first grey hairs

Genetic factors govern when the body decides to shut down hair pigmentation; it could be when you turn 60, or even as young as 16 years old for some people. However, if you find yourself with a few grey hairs, never despair. Here's how to cover the first few grey hairs most effectively!

If you have naturally light blonde hair you won't have to worry too much about the first grey hairs because they're barely noticeable. If there are a few, however, tinting rinses and streaks are the most straight forward way to keep your grey hairs in check.

For medium blonde to brown hair, re-pigmentation treatments can easily help re-establish your natural colour. Re-pigmentation treatments simply 'fill in the gaps', but it doesn't work as effectively for naturally red, light blonde or darker hair.

For medium brown hair, use dark blonde tinting applications; white hair absorbs colour more than natural hair colour and may result in darker shades if you use a colour as dark as your natural hair.

If your hair is completely grey, tinting your hair with a shade slightly lighter than your natural hair colour at a younger age is the perfect way forward. This will help avoid noticeable colour differences at the roots when your hair grows.

When you've finished treating your hair, remember to buy products tailored for your hair colour to help keep it in top condition. For example, for light blonde hair use purple conditioner or shampoo to keep the tones even and use plenty of colour-conditioning treatments to keep your hair healthy.

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