How to copy celebrity hairstyles

Salons up and down the country are often asked for a certain hairstyle based on a celebrity. Whilst this is no bad thing as your stylist will know how to copy most celebrity hairstyles, how do you maintain the look once you are home from the salon?

With a multitude of products on the market, maintaining the look isn’t all that hard, as long as you know which products to go for. Of course, your stylist will be able to offer some advice on the particular products you should use to maintain the look and how you should dry your hair after washing, but the following is a guide to some of the most popular celebrity hairstyles.

Jennifer Aniston

For decades Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles have made as many headlines as her movie roles and off-screen romances. Whilst she was on Friends, her hairstyle was copied by millions of woman across the globe and became known as ‘The Rachel’, after the character she played. Today, her brown and blond streaked hair is also being copied. The secret to the look is that the brown and golden blond streaks are painted on rather than woven in with foil. This technique makes the colour look random, which makes it look like the sun was responsible.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is another actress whose style is often copied. Witherspoon’s seductive fringe lies flat against her face and the rest of her hair is tasselled curls. To achieve the look after a shower, you should position your hair-dryer directly above your head whilst you comb downwards with a flat brush. Afterwards, spray some hair spray onto an eyebrow brush and comb through to finish the look.


Most stylists will know the major celebrity looks, because they will have been asked for them before, but it can’t hurt to bring in a photograph of the celebrity. This could be important if the look you are going for is from a celebrity who isn’t well known in this country, or if there’s some small alteration you’d like to make to the look to suit you better.

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