How to apply makeup to hide wrinkles

Ageing is a process that we all cannot stop. However, the signs of growing old such as wrinkles and fine lines do not need to be obvious. We explain how to apply makeup for a flawless look.

Step-by-step guide

There is not much that you can do about wrinkles except work to minimise fine lines showing around your face. Applying makeup with a lined face is without a doubt a challenging exercise. Here are some tips to make the experience easy.

  • Use a moisturiser
  • Lines and wrinkles are caused by dry skin so the first thing you have to do before applying makeup is to apply moisturiser on a clean face. This will plump up your skin making it easier to conceal wrinkles. When looking for moisturising product to buy, get one with hyaluronic acid as a component. This ingredient is responsible for retaining moisture in the skin making it look fuller.

  • Apply a silicone primer
  • After your moisturiser has settled in your skin, use a primer before putting on foundation or concealer. The primer will soften your wrinkles making them less noticeable with your makeup on. Look for a primer with a silicone base that will straighten out uneven surfaces on the skin.

  • Hide blemishes and dark rings using a concealer
  • Look for a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin so that it can effectively do the job of hiding blemishes and circles.

  • Put on foundation
  • Once this is done, you can start putting on foundation. When purchasing a foundation, make sure that you get a product that has moisturiser in it. You can never get too much of it on your face and you need to hydrate it well. It should also feel light on the skin. A heavy foundation will just emphasise those wrinkles and creases.

  • Brush with a light powder
  • Apply a light powder on your face. The best choice is a loose mineral powder to give your face radiance.

    Doing the eyes and lips

    As a finishing touch, it is recommended to use matte eyeshadow over metallic shimmer. For your lips, you have to blot your lipstick so that it will not bleed. Finally, in addition to moisturisers you can use retinoids to minimise wrinkles and anti-aging creams.

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