How to achieve a shimmery catwalk look in four steps

The new trend has just landed, straight from the 2013 Spring/Summer catwalks. This season must have are crystals, rhinestones and diamonds. And we're not talking about clothes, but the hottest make-up for face and body. Body shimmer and metallic shades are also making a comeback.

All the models at Christian Dior's were walking the runway wearing bright eye-shadows and Swarovski crystals to complement the colour of their eyes. But how can you achieve the look without spending a fortune? Follow our easy 4 steps for perfect results:

1. Choose the eye-shadow according to the colour of your eyes: - Brown eyes: purple, green and yellow - Green eyes: orange, yellow and green - Blue eyes: pink, blue and orange

2. Choose a bold, bright and slightly metallic shade. Creamy eye-shadows are easier to apply and to smudge, but if you want to create a geometric design go for powder, as it is more resistant and precise to apply.

3. Put a strip of make-up tape between the nose and the internal corner of the eye and another one under the eyebrows in order to form two straight lines and then apply the eye-shadow across the eyelid. Carefully remove the tape pulling gently.

4. Use eyelash glue to stick the gems and crystals and apply them around the eye to form a continuous line and also scatter them across the lid to create a unique design. Use your creativity to personalise your design.

The same effect can be also created for the lips. Just choose a long lasting lipstick, preferably in a metallic shade and apply the glitter around the contour of the lips to make them bigger or scatter it all over for a dramatic effect.

Finally, to illuminate the skin apply a moisturiser containing light shimmering. Remember: if your skin is medium/dark or has yellow under-tones, choose a golden shade, if your skin is fairy or have pink under-tones use a silver one. The shimmer lotion can be also applied on the body to enhance the natural colour of the skin and create an all-over iridescent effect.

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