Hair care tips: How often you should go for a trim?

Well-kept hair tells people that you value and take pride in yourself and your appearance. It also gives you confidence to face life, knowing that you look good. One of the hair care regimen you need to perform to ensure your hair looks good and to maintain the look you want is to trim your hair. How often you should go for a trim often depends on a couple of factors.

Deciding when to trim hair

Many times trimming hair is a personal decision. Different factors come into play when deciding whether to get a trim or not. If your hair is long enough, hold it in your hand and look at the ends. Does your hair have split ends? If it does have split ends you need a trim to prevent the damage moving upwards and damaging the whole of your hair strands.

Go to the mirror and evaluate your hair. Does it look a little uneven even after a good combing? If it does you are probably in need of a good hair trim. What about when you braid or twist your hair? Does your hair ends look ragged? If they do, you probably need of a hair trim too.

Other factors to consider when deciding whether you need a trim include how fast your hair grows, whether your hair has been damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, blow-dryers, relaxers or other chemicals products and your personal preference on what you want for your hair.

Recommended trim times


Although hair grows differently for everybody, on average it grows about half an inch every month. Hair stylists recommend that men with short hairstyles go for a trim once a month or month-and-a-half to maintain a clean, sharp overall look. If you are a man with longer hair, you may not need to go to the salon as often.


Hairstylist advice women to go for a hair trim at least once every six to eight weeks. Some women, however, like to trim their hair more often to keep hair fresh and prevent damage and others avoid trimming for as long as possible when growing hair longer to save on length. You will often tell when you need a trim by carefully evaluating your hair.

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