Hottest hairstyle ideas for summer

We have seen them on the hottest catwalks all over the world, now is time to lush out on these easy to copy trendy hairstyle ideas for the summer. chic and feminine, practical and effortlessly cool, these hairstyles for summer will bring your head up to date, the perfect complement for any summer look.


Slept-in texture

With laid back looks on top of every fashionista's list, the lived-in locks are a huge trend for the summer., perfect for the seaside and outdoors. Similar to beachy waves, this hairstyle is soft, practical and easy to realize: best thing to do is rinsing your hair with water and just conditioner, without shampooing every day for extra texture without grease. Plat your hair one or two large, loose braids before going to sleep, and rather than brush in the morning, whiz through the hair with the tips of your fingers.

Extreme side partings

This trend comes straight from the 1930s, when the famous signature boyish short cuts were often complemented with a comb-over. This style underlines great self confidence and is very chic and sexy. Perfect on short or long haircuts.

Messy up-dos

Dream-like, laidback up-dos provide a trendy twist on this classical, romantic hairstyle. Easy to make, but remember to prepare your hair for the right style and hold. Expert advice that this hairstyle look at its best when it's done quicker: the more you work on it, the less cool it will look.

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As for the colour, natural look is best for the hot season, when the sun kisses our locks and makes the ends fade over one or two tones. Of course you can help with that: we strongly suggest you choose the light hue that suites you best, but if you were really wondering which is the coolest in season... it's cool blonde, of course!

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