Henna shampoo: A beginner's guide

For centuries people have used henna extract to dye hair, skin, and fingernails. It is most commonly produced in India. Although it grows throughout the country, the main farming for commercial use in carried out in the north west in places like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab.

As there are so many reasons to use henna shampoo, a beginner's guide has to start with a look at the benefits to you.

Benefits of henna

Natural henna extract can fight fading. It is also naturally strengthens hair and acts as a conditioner. By penetrating the shaft and smoothing the cuticle, it can make hair appear thicker and feel healthier. It also adds shine and improves the hair’s natural highlights.

It can reduce the build-up of dandruff. It can also help prevent hair loss as it tightens the pores on the scalp which makes the follicles strengthen their grip on the hairs.

Henna dyes

If you have dyed your hair with henna, then this type of shampoo will help to preserve the look. There are no dyes or colouring in henna shampoo, but it will enhance your hair’s shine. Although henna is often used to dye hair, henna shampoo isn’t only for those who have coloured their hair with henna.

Environmentally friendly

Henna shampoos are natural and sulphate free, so they are environmentally friendly. A lot of the ingredients that can be found in regular shampoos are not present in henna shampoos. As they don’t contain the preservatives that can be found in other shampoos, they come with an expiry date. This is a small price to pay for a natural product that can benefit your hair in so many ways.

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