How to Use Henna Hair Dye

Henna hair dye is a natural hair product, an alternative to conventional hair colouring. It usually takes longer for henna hair dye to take effect and may not provide full coverage compared to artificial dyes, but it's a good option for anyone who wants to experiment with natural alternatives. Below are some simple steps to help you apply henna hair products.


Before you start the process, wash your hair. Use vaseline to around your forehead, ears, and neck, or wherever the hair dye could reach besides your hair. Henna hair dye, like other hair colouring products, stain clothes and skin very easily, so it's important to use vaseline where possible. Use rubber gloves to prevent dye on your hands and take a small partition of your hair to prepare applying the henna hair dye. Some henna dyes require you to melt the block in hot water or prepare it in another way, so it's easier to follow the packet instructions for your product first.

Applying the Dye

Holding the partition of hair in one hand, begin applying the dye with a tinted brush. Start from the roots and move up to the tip of your hair. After this, twist the hair in your hand and apply another coat of henna hair dye. You should make sure the application to the roots is thick, as this can be the area where the dye is less likely to take as well. Repeat this step with the rest of your hair.


Wrap your head in a Saran wrap, cling film or use a shower cup. The warmth from your scalp will help keep the henna hair dye warm and make it more effective. You should keep the dye on for 2 to 4 hours, or longer if you want a deeper, vibrant colour. It's also possible to leave the dye on over night.


Rinse your hair after the development time until the water runs clear. Use shampoo as normal, but leave your conditioner in for at least ten minutes to soften the hair. Henna will help keep your hair stronger after the application, but it can also leave it feeling stiff.

Cautionary Note

Although henna hair dye is a great natural alternative, you should not use permanent hair dye after you have used henna hair dye. Most store dyes will state this on their product packaging. You can still use semi-permanent hair dye and some hair dye removers, but it's recommended you approach a professional stylist if you want to switch to another dye after using henna.

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