Helena's hunt

Helena Christensen may be one of the elder stateswomen of modelling, but her career is going strong, based in the main on her gorgeous but slightly asymmetric looks, and bohemian charm. And now Helena is bringing her fashion expertise to a new search to find Britain's next top models. Christensen will work with scout Cesar Perin and Swarovski jewellers to launch a national campaign.

Chatting about the new show to the Daily Mail, Helena said, 'Cesar Perin has an incredible eye, I have shot several of his models and we’ve been friends for years. When this opportunity arose to work with him I thought it sounded really interesting, a genuine way to unearth new models – it is totally open. I’m proud to be a part of Unsigned and cannot wait to shoot some of our new faces.’

Speaking about the arduous life of a top model, Helena rejected claims that she didn't need to work on her looks. The supermodel said, 'It's not like [I] wake up in the morning going, 'Oh I'm so perfect, I don't need to do anything'. Every [model] I know in this business has the same issues as every other woman, maybe more so. You can easily be made to feel self-conscious in this job. It's really intimidating to go on the beach in a bikini. If someone is painting neon circles around parts of your body, like those pathetic tabloid magazines.'

You tell it, sista! War on tabloid magazines neon circles...

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