Heidi wows at Victoria's Secret

Is Heidi Klum secretly the bionic woman? We think so. The German beauty stunned crowds at the Victoria's Secret runway show 2009 just six weeks after giving birth to her fourth child. Wearing trademark VS' angel wings, Heidi glided down the runway to thunderous applause having decided to do the show only hours before.

Mrs Seal opened the 'Enchanted Forest' stage of the show, dressed like an uber glamourous woodland pixie. Her dress was a vine embroidered corset with white 'bramble bush' net skirt. Sounds awry, but she pulled it off.

The show was as blinging and as bright as you would expect of Victoria's Secret, with models sashaying down the runway in diamond encrusted underwear sets, and little else. Miranda Kerr flew the flag for Australia in a teeny tiny thong. The Black Eye Peas provided a thumping soundtrack.

Check out a sneak peak of Heidi - in the middle of the other models at the end. The show airs on CBS on Dec 1.

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