Has Sarkozy married Carla Bruni in secret?

So, we gave you the lowdown on Carla Bruni the other day. And now we hear that, according to a French tabloid, the couple may have married in secret last week.

No flies on Sarkozy - the French First Man seems to be lapping up all the media attention and spinning his new relationship to gain a polling advantage.

As reported in the regional French daily l'Est Republicain, a source close to someone who "attended the ceremony" (Sun speak for "we could have made this up?") said that Sarkozy and Bruni married at the Elysee presidential palace.

The ceremony, which may or may not have taken place, was small and intimate. Bruni's mother did confirm however that Sarkozy had proposed to Carla at the end of last year.

Phew. Britney's going to have to work harder to keep up with the media attention these two will no doubt attract.

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