Harry Styles tattoos and their meaning

One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is considered by many to be a walking art gallery thanks to his wide collection of inkings. Harry has collected more than 50 tattoos, a constellation of tiny ones and some fairly gigantic. And, in most case, quite mysterious.

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Harry Styles' first tattoo was the outline of a star on his left arm. It was done to celebrate his 18th birthday in February 2012, and it will get a black filling in 2013. By the summer of the same year, the young Brit popstar was showing off a tiny letter A on his left arm, in honour of mum Anne Twist.

Later in September it was the turn of his sister Gemma, whose name Harry got inked in Hebrew on his left shoulder. This was one of many tattoos he was to get done at the famous Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlour in Los Angeles. The same month the 17Black tattoo appeared on Styles' chest for the happiness of all James Bond lovers: 17 black is, in fact, the number Bond bets on in the roulette scene in Diamonds Are Forever.

But 2012 sees many more tattoos added to Harry Styles' collection. Amongst them, some are quite small and some quite puzzling, or both: an iced gem cookie, possibly again done for his sister Gemma, a Green Bay Packers logo apparently resulting from a lost bet, the name Pingu (from the stop-motion TV series) alongside his friend ED Sheeran, and the initials SMCL, which may or may not stand for Simon Cowell, who discovered him, or the sentence 'Smile More, Cry Less'.

Also, the banner with the word 'Love' on his chest was done in 2012 but soon covered up with one of the two shallows, again tattooed in Los Angeles in November the same year, nut shown for the first time in January 2013.

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Harry Styles's well-known butterfly tattoo in the middle of his chest was inked in late January 2013, and in June 2014 a pair of branches, again rigorously in black and white, appeared on his hips.

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