Harry Styles haircut tutorial

The particularity of the Harry Styles hairstyle is the asymmetric length and layered back, with hair at the front swept over sidewise, or swept back in the newest version. Find how to achieve the same look with our Harry Styles haircut tutorial.


In order to create the basic line of of the whole haircut we will start with the hair at the back, that are a little longer than the front, and we will cut them at a length that is leveled with the chin. Then, as we come forward, we will bring the length up to level with the nose.

First, cut hair at the back in a straight line, chin length. As you come cutting towards the front you will get closer to the hair framing the side of the face: now it's the time to angle the baseline upwards. Remember that we are aiming at having the front length leveling the tip of the nose.

Once the front hair is at the right length, continue towards the other side of the head. Remember to re-angle downwards, thus bringing the baseline back to chin length at the back.

Now the baseline is done, start creating layers from the back of the head.

Comb a section of hair starting right from the middle of the head. Cut to a length of around 2 inches. Keep working downwards, each time combing a section of hair then cutting it down to 2 inches. We will do this for the whole back of the head, creating the desired layered effect throughout.

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In order to blend in the layered back with the front, take the top hair and again in section comb pulling upwards: cutting them at the same 2 inches length but keeping them upwards this way will create a better blending with the front.

Soften up by add a bit of texture and style.

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