Discover handmade cosmetics, and benefits of nature

Before there were manufacturers, chemicals and many ingredients that you cannot pronounce, there were natural ingredients. People are starting to reconsider natural handmade cosmetics, benefits of many natural ingredients. When you buy cosmetics over the counter, you may read a long list of ingredients, but frankly, most of us do not have a clue what they mean or contain. At least by making your own homemade cosmetics, you know exactly what they are made from.

Choosing what natural ingredients you are putting in a cosmetic recipe gives you the option of experimenting, controlling ingredients and determining quantities. Many of the store-bought cosmetics contain ingredients that can irritate or even cause an allergic reaction. If you make a recipe at home that cause a reaction, you can easily substitute another ingredient.

Another benefit to homemade cosmetics, is you know they are not being tested on animals in a laboratory. You are not contributing to tests that may damage, insure or kill laboratory test animals.

Each individual has different skin types and some chemicals and even natural ingredients may disagree with some people. Once you establish which natural ingredients such as avocado, milk, honey, herbs or shea butter work well for you or do not improve your looks or skin quality, you can simply change the recipe. In addition, most natural ingredients are very inexpensive and if a new handmade cosmetic flops, you can easily try again.

You also have the advantage of making great handmade cosmetics and giving them as gifts for friends and relatives. Customise each cosmetic with your friends favourite natural fragrance for a special touch.

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