Revitalise tired-looking hands with hand scrubs

Our hands receive a lot of abuse from constant washing and use of soap that contain harsh ingredients. We work with our hands while in the office or at home. The weather is another factor contributing to dried up hands making those lines appear on the hands and the veins popping out.

There are plenty of simple tricks to keep your hands soft and young-looking by following simple routines and using hand scrubs. After all, our hands deserve the same amount of attention that we put on our faces and bodies.

Ways to keep your hands young and supple

1. Moisturise

Moisturising is key to keep your hands from drying and withering. Even if you are wearing gloves while doing household chores, there is no substitute to replacing the fluids that the hands lose by putting on moisturising creams and lotions.

2. Drink enough fluids

Pumping your body system with enough fluids hydrate the skin including the skin on your hands.

3. Wear protective gloves

Rubber gloves protect the hands from coming in contact with dirt or abrasive chemicals that are harsh on the skin. Wear them while washing dishes or doing work in the garden.

4. Apply hand lotion or cream with SPF

If you are spending a full day in the sun, go for a hand lotion or cream that has UV protection. Or, use the same sun protection lotion you put on your face and body.

5. Exfoliate your hands

Invigorate your hands using hand scrubs. Just as you put on body and facial scrubs, apply the same treatment to your hands. They deserve the indulgence. Exfoliation removes the dead cells away and renew the skin revealing a healthier and younger-looking skin.

Ready made hand scrubs are available at your chemist or beauty shops.

Or you can concoct your own homemade hand scrubs and do an aromatherapy at the same time. A few ingredients that you might want to consider are olive oil, essences, lanolin and sugar. You only need to rub the mixture on your hands, rinse, and top it up with your usual moisturiser.

Another therapy

Visiting the salon or a spa is always the easy way out though it will cost plenty of bucks. Making your own paraffin wax treatments is the cheaper alternative. You can also buy commercially sold paraffin wax preparations. Whatever beauty regimen you follow, spoil your hands for that smooth and youthful look. Protect those hands from the harsh elements and follow a healthy diet. Invigorate them by using hand scrubs for beautiful and soft hands.

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