Halston recriminations continue

Last month, eyebrows were raised (well, those that hadn't been paralysed by Botox) after the board at fashion label Halston fired Sarah Jessica Parker as President, Harvey Weinstein and Jimmy Choo designer Tamara Mellon. Now SJP's supporters have hit back against allegations that she was fired because she couldn't commit to the brand.

A secretive source told Vogue, 'Halston was not a healthy company when Sarah Jessica came in. It was a revolving door for staff. But she worked very hard and sales were up 40 per cent by the time she left. I don't know how [the company] managed their books or what they leveraged, but now they say they need to raise cash and so are turning to licensing to do so'

Another insider said that Sarah Jessica Parker, 'had genuine passion for her work, but you can't do both things-be a president of a clothing company and be an actress. She needed to focus on it. She didn't have the management skills or the understanding of keeping price-points where they needed to be.' However, a source who worked closely with SJP argued, 'She showed up to the millionth degree and worked until the wee hours of the morning and on weekends. And her designs were successful!'

And the Halston battle rages on...

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